Thursday June 6, 2013 - "Rocket SAAB": 6 PM, Redwood City

Save the date - JayB is organizing a Saab Club get together, somewhat spur of the moment, in Redwood City at Johnny Rockets - (1111 El Camino Real, - cross Jefferson - Redwood City, CA USA (650) 306-9500) - Thursday June 6, at 6 PM. We have a big parking lot behind the restaurant where we can pop our hoods and look at each others Saabs. Johnny Rockets is a burger place. Jay is looking for a get together to talk Saabs and meet other owners – we may organize a ride up and down to summit depending on the daylight. More to come, an RSVP is NOT necessary. Feel free to come with your commute car from work (I know I will). I will send out another email with the plans when they are more final.

I am removing old names from the email list deleting those of you emailing that your Saabs are gone – feel free to reply with a take my name off email.

May 16, 2013 Turning the corner into 2013, I am hoping this newsletter finds everybody in a good space. While our marque is now part of history, our Saab Club will continue. I hear that although the cars are gone, the parts company will continue to supply (late model) parts for our cars. Still, I expect a number in our group with newer cars will migrate to other cars as their mileage mounts up. If you are already there and no longer wish to be on this mailing list, just drop me an unsubscribe email and I will take you off. While my own Saabs are 1960s, I already rely on the club for parts and support with the dealerships divesting all their 'old car' parts in the 1990s. If you are holding onto your Saab, think of staying connected to www.BayAreaSaabClub.ORG as a source of support and fun.

As to club activities, we have been pretty quiet for 2012. Even though we had a number of promising volunteers at the Save Our Saabs drive, there was no follow through with organizing a drive. All you need to do is drop me an email President Roger  (with what you want to set up and we can make it happen. This has been a pretty depressing year for Saabs but perhaps the best way to inject some cheer into the summer is to host a get-together drive with a line of obsolete vehicles following your route behind you. Also, if you just want to be more active in the club without getting in your Saab, just let me know



Speaking of fun, I have a request for a Saab to be in a movie.
I get these requests from time to time. The last was for a (running) Saab 93 to be in a calendar shoot. (For you newer Saab owners that would be an early 1960's 3 cylinder stroker Saab, Not a 9-3, nor a 9.3 nor any other Saab built in this century but one of the originals). The car that is being looked for to be in the movie would be: A SAAB 900 CONVERTIBLE. The movie is to be shot in Sonoma County (wineries, Russian River, etc.) Not sure what it will pay, but probably about $200 per day. (Movies always pay less than advertising shoots.) Also, the owner - or designee - will need to be with the car during shooting, to move it around, so ideally, it needs to be brought to the set by somebody with a flexible schedule. Exact dates are tbd, but the car will likely be needed for more than one day. Shooting is planned for January and May/June 2013. There will be a need for an actor to drive the car, so owners need to be aware of that, too. There won't be any stunts or high-speed driving, but in any case, the movie company will provide insurance for the shoot. I have been asked to filter responses so please reply to me at this email address with you and your car's particulars. (I will wait a week and forward responses then). (NOTE: THE MOVIE SLOT HAS BEEN FILLED)


2012 Saturday January 14, 2012 - "Outside SAAB":




The SaabsUnited Oktoberfest, which is taking place on October 1, 2011 is quickly becoming an international event. Dirito Brothers Walnut Creek Saab has agreed to host the SaabsUnited Octoberfest for the San Francisco Bay Area! This will be apart of the same Octoberfest that will be taking place in Trollhättan, Sweden. We will have video streaming setup between the San Francisco Bay Area and Sweden, so that everyone will be apart of the festivities. Stay tuned to the club web site for updates or changes at .

Brand new 9-3s, 9-5s and 9-4x’s will be available for test-drives. Food will be sponsored by SaabsUnited!

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM a live video feed will be setup between Sweden and the San Francisco Bay. The event will tentatively take place from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

CLICK on Dirito's link above for directions. Dirito last hosted the club in 2003 (see past pictures from the home page on this site). They are providing a parking area for the club to display our cars, pop the hoods, and talk Saab. Please RSVP so we can offer a head count for food. I hope to see you there.

It has been some time since we had a gathering and it would be nice to see a big turnout. If you no longer own your Saab or are no longer interested in receiving emails from the club, just let President Roger know to take you off the list. CAN you tell what year we were last at Dirito by the cars on the lift?

Please RSVP to President Roger so we have a count for materials. Bring your lunch. Bring a navigator (preferably one that will not fight with you about directions). Bring your SAAB - this is not a speed race but is the kind of rallye that Saabs have a longstanding tradition with. Bring lots of passangers - this will be fun!!!!!!!  


Page Mill/280 Park'n'Ride lot.  Drivers' mtg at 09:45a, first car off at 10:01am.


Welcome to BASC’s first road rallye of 2010.  Your rallyemaster for today's event is Don Young.  This rallye is a non-trap time-speed-distance (TSD) event and is geared toward novice participants with:

  1. supplemental information enclosed within square brackets ([    ])
  2. on-course markers (OCM) to provide reassurance to the rallyists that they are, indeed, on-course. 

The objective of a TSD rallye is to follow the directed course at the specified speeds and arrive at Checkpoints at the precise ideal time calculated by the rallyemaster; arrival early or late to the Checkpoints will warrant penalty points based on the absolute deviation between actual and ideal times.

CLUES/SIGNS Referenced signs in the Route Instructions will be enclosed by quotes.  No distinction will be made between signs quoted in full or in part.  Multiple signs on the same support will be considered as one sign.  Nouns in underlined upper case letters (e.g. CAR, WHALE) refer to signs with graphic representations of the specified object(s).  All signs may be found on either side of the route; there will be no 'look-back' clues (unless, of course, you have inadvertently passed them and have turned around!).

MILEAGE & ROADS Today's course was measured with a 2006 SAAB 9-3 2.0T SportCombi with an automatic transmission and Nokian Z tires (235/45ZR17) with 5mm of tread and inflated to 36 psi (cold).  Distances to turns were measured to the apices (apexes) of the turns; distances to clues were measured to the leading edges of the clues.  All rallye roads are paved and public; driveways and parking lot entrances do not exist as Opportunities. 

ROUTE INSTRUCTIONS Route Instructions shall be executed in ascending numerical order at the first opportunity satisfying all criteria of the instruction.  Each instruction must be fully executed before considering the next.  With the exception of speed changes (CAST) and as specified in Special Instructions, each route instruction is independent of preceding or subsequent route instructions.  Parenthetical or bracketed comments are provided as helpful information but are not essential for completion of the rallye.  Route instructions that contain the conjunction "or" should be executed at the first opportunity satisfying either portion of the instruction.  Upon execution of the appropriate portion, the remaining "half" of the instruction is cancelled.  In some instances, both "halves" may direct the same action at the same place; never will they direct conflicting actions at the same place.  There are no deliberate misspellings in any instructions.


  • The official rallye time is displayed on the rallyemaster’s iPhone
  • Cars are released from the start at 10:00am plus the car number (e.g., Car #3 is off at 10:03am)
  • Times entered into the timelog must be in “clock time” PDT, not elapsed time.
  • At one point during the rallye there will be a “transit stage” during which timing is turned off.  The start of the transit stage marks the end of the preceding timed leg; the end of the transit stage marks the start of the next timed leg.


AFTER                                    beyond

AT                               within the vicinity of

 BEAR                          a turn in the appropriate direction from 0 to 89 degrees

 CAST                           commence/continue/change average speed to

 CREEPING                approaching within sight of a checkpoint at a speed of less than 10 mph 

L                                  a left turn from 0 to 179 degrees

LIGHT                                                an official multi-color traffic control device at an intersection; multiple lights at an intersection are counted only once. 

OPPORTUNITIES    a place at which the specified action can be performed in accordance to these General Instructions

 R                                 a right turn from 0 to 179 degrees

STOP                                                   an official red octagonal sign requiring your vehicle to stop or the equivalent written on the road surface.

 T                                  an intersection resembling the letter T as approached from the base.  It is not possible to go straight at a T.

ZEBRA                        a pedestrian crosswalk with stripes painted in a specified color (yellow or white)


PRIORITIES  Course-following priorities for today's events are as follows:

            1.         Special instructions

            2.         Route instructions with mileage

            3.         Route instructions without mileage

            4.         Put onto a road by name or number:  When put onto a route by name or number, continue on that route until directed to leave it by subsequent instruction.

            5.         R at T

            6.         Straight as possible  

CHECKPOINTS For today’s event, all checkpoints (except the last) will be Do-It-Yourself (DIY) checkpoints. These DIY checkpoints will be identified in the Route Instructions and are INSTANTANEOUS – that is, the end of one leg and the start of the next leg occur as you pass the landmark.  DO NOT STOP AT THE DIY CHECKPOINT.  Your estimate of the ideal in-time on the DIY leg serves as your out-time for the next leg.  Secure the DIY Time Log in a safe place and submit it to the workers at the final checkpoint.

ENTER THE FINAL CHECKPOINT AT A SAFE AND PRUDENT SPEED -- THERE MAY BE CONGESTION IN THE FORM OF VEHICLES AND PEDESTRIANS.  The final manned checkpoint will be identified with an orange cone and an appropriate sign ( Ö.  and the word “BASC”).  Do not stop at the checkpoint sign as there may be other cars seeking to enter the checkpoint immediately behind you.  Drive past the checkpoint marker, pulling over where it is safe.  The team’s navigator should report in at the checkpoint, submit the DIY Time Log, and pick up driving directions to the lunch location.

 SCORING (not all apply at today’s event)

            1          point for each hundredth of a minute early or late at a checkpoint

             100      points for insistent creeping within sight of a checkpoint after receiving the appropriate signal to cease

             250      points for entering a checkpoint from the wrong direction

             500      points for arriving at a checkpoint more than 5 minutes and less than 20 minutes early or late

             750      points for missing a checkpoint or arriving more than 20 minutes early or late


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