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Welcome to the Bay Area Saab Club

BASC is the home for all enthusiasts of the SAAB marque from the earliest
1950s 93s to the latest 9-5s and Viggens.

Turning the corner into 2013, I am hoping this newsletter finds everybody in a good space. While our marque is now part of history, our Saab Club will continue. I hear that although the cars are gone, the parts company will continue to supply (late model) parts for our cars. Still, I expect a number in our group with newer cars will migrate to other cars as their mileage mounts up. If you are already there and no longer wish to be on this mailing list, just drop me an unsubscribe email and I will take you off. While my own Saabs are 1960s, I already rely on the club for parts and support with the dealerships divesting all their 'old car' parts in the 1990s. If you are holding onto your Saab, think of staying connected to www.BayAreaSaabClub.ORG as a source of support and fun.

As to club activities, we have been pretty quiet for 2012. Even though we had a number of promising volunteers at the Save Our Saabs drive, there was no follow through with organizing a drive. All you need to do is drop me an email President Roger  (with what you want to set up and we can make it happen. This has been a pretty depressing year for Saabs but perhaps the best way to inject some cheer into the summer is to host a get-together drive with a line of obsolete vehicles following your route behind you. Also, if you just want to be more active in the club without getting in your Saab, just let me know

The club includes collectors with a wide range of models and interests,
in addition to new car owners and daily drivers.

BASC sponsored the '96 SAAB Convention at Kirkwood, CA

For more information contact:

President Roger Wapner
with  xPresident Cliff Quan







The Bay Area Saab Club is a non-profit making organization. All directors' services are voluntary.
The club has no employees. All subscriptions are used for the benefit of club members.
This page was developed by club members.

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